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Computer Forensics

The art and science of collecting, preserving and analyzing information from computer media so that the information is admissible in a court of law or used in other evidentiary proceedings.  

The Navigator now uses Dual Core Technology.  We believe this technology gives forensic examiners a significant advantage, Access Data supports 64 bit and  images at increased speeds using Dual Core,  check out the specs.

Announcement - Check out our Forensics Hardware page, Mark Menz has done it again with a USB/Firewire write block that works. Buy one now and have the device that defines best practices in Write Block Technology - meets NIST specifications.   This is the only write block device to give you access to Smart Data and information relating to passwords

Operating System in HPA

We now offer the ability to restore the  operating system for all of our servers and workstations on the fly.   If your system fails or will not boot, or you just want to clean your hard drive for another investigation, wipe the drive and then as the system is rebooting, press F4 and restore the system.  This is the easiest method to get back on track without tape backup, ghosting a drive, or re image a computer.  Its always available, ready to use with the touch of a key and protected in a vault against corruption and viruses.

We are the only forensic company to offer this quick and easy method to make your job easier.

Check out our HPA enabled  Write blocker.   IDE write blocker providing the most effective ability to detect, capture and review HPA.  If you  are using most Fire wire or USB write blockers, your not getting all the evidence.

True SCSI to SCSI write block.  Image drives at SCSI speed, avoid incapability's, interface any SCSI hard drive including HVD.   The key to the SCSI write block  is the fact it can be your only write block for IDE or SCSI devices.  Use a IDE to SCSI adaptor and you get the speed of SCSI to image your IDE hard drive.

If your using USB or Firewire write blockers, you might not be imaging the whole drive, why take a chance on missing some important data.  Ask Data Forensics Engineering how best to obtain an image.   Only Mark Menz's NoWrite FPU allows  the use of FireWire and USB to see HPA.  No guess work , don't be fooled by cheaper devices and claims.  Thousands of write blocks have been sold that cannot support HPA - don't get caught without best evidence.


also  Now our portable is available in a Zeroller    !!!! portable, professional, complete in one case.  as mentioned in Christopher L.T. Browns Book ' COMPUTER EVIDENCE Collection & Preservation

Our Mission

Data Forensics Engineering is dedicated to providing the most advanced desktop and laptop solutions for the forensic examiner.   Our highly trained staff has extensive experience in building and operating forensic workstations, servers and networks.   We offer unique solutions at an affordable price that provide  the examiner the ability to perform his duties in an efficient and reliable method.   

Company Profile

Data Forensic Engineering  is a progressive company serving law firms and corporate clients  that require confidentiality, integrity and accessibility to their data.   

Our examiners are former law enforcement and government employees with a vast knowledge of computer security auditing and forensics best practices.   



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